Becoming a Resellers

Becoming a Reseller of GMS TECHNOLOGY (UK) LTD, allows you to offer cutting edge Mobile SIP Soft Phone dialers, Hosted VoIP switch, Cloud IP PBX solutions and Mobile Business Apps to your new and existing customers without commercial risk. Our Products’ works in all areas including VOIP blocked regions and most importantly we give you full 24/7 technical support when needed, including pre sales help with free demo for 3-4 days to each of your customers.

Our Mobile softphone Dialers can also be provided with the client’s brand name without any additional fees. we offer 15-25 % discounts on all Suggested Retail Prices (SRP), there is no fees to become a reseller, but we do ask to hold at least US$500 as a security which is 100% refundable. If you are already selling VoIP solutions or dialer solutions or wish to start selling Telecom / VoIP solutions then please contact: or sign up as an authorized

Terms of Becoming a Reseller

  1. Any one who is interested in becoming a reseller must complete the assigned reseller form with full details.
  2. Reseller must maintain security deposit of $500 with us which is 100% refundable with 14 days notice period.
  3. Must have an experience in selling Telecom / VoIP solutions .
  4. Have a clean records and reputations within the Industry .
  5. Each reseller must sell at least $400-$500 worth products / services per month .
  6. All approved reseller s will be provided with LOGO mentioning an Authorized Reseller.
  7. The reseller must represent the company with honesty and dignity.
  8. The reseller is not allowed to sign or commit with any one on behalf of the company.
  9. The reseller is appointed only to promote and sell its products or its services.
  10. The GMS TECHNOLOGY (UK) LTD, shall have he rights to review / change its policy .