Mobile Softphone (SIP) Dialers

Mobile Soft Phone (SIP) Dialers- Overview

GMS Technology design and develop mobile soft phone (SIP) Dialers for smart phones; it is easy to use and works over Wi-Fi, Edge, GPRS, 3G and 4G networks. Users can simply download to their mobile handsets and PDA devices and using this latest technology, the mobile users can make low cost VoIP calls to all over the world and save up to 80% call costs.

GMS Technology provides four different types of soft phones and each solution is targeted for a specific market or segment. Our trained pre sales engineers are also available to work with you to guide you in choosing correct type of dialer you need. Our four different types of dialers are:-

  • GMS Dialer Standard series with Anti Block System (ABS)
  • GMS Dialer Gold Series with Anti Block System (ABS)
  • GMS Dilaler Platinum series for non Block areas
  • GMS Dialer –white label solutions with Dialer Management System (DMS)

Our unique built in proprietary Anti Block System (ABS) technology enables users to make SIP/VoIP calls from blocked areas or behind firewall environment. The ABS also compresses its data size so that it can work in low internet bandwidth network or where 3G grade network is not available.

GMS Technology has designed its packages with VoIP resellers / Telecom service providers in mind, even a small VoIP Reseller or Telecom Service provider can customize our soft phone dialers with their own brand name. Our standard series supports all OS platforms such as Android, Apple IOS, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian plus free Desktop phone.

The Gold series GMS soft phone dialers however supports android, Apple (IOS), Symbian and desktop windows platforms. It also has a unique features such as incoming calls, call divert, call transfer and call recordings which makes it suitable for IP-PBX system as well as for mobile VoIP callings.

Our Platinum series GMS Dialers are suitable for non block areas where we can provide Mobile soft phone dialers at one time costs from US$1500 per OS platform.

If you are thinking to launch your own private labeled mobile soft-phones / mobile dialers, then look no further. We can provide you with 100% white labeled mobile soft phones / mobile dialers under your own brand name and currently we can provide you with Android, Apple (IOS), Symbian and windows OS platforms. For further details please contact :